Monday, June 22, 2009

Transformers fever

Boys is always boys. Nawfal is really into robots. Nak-naknya robot yang boleh bertukar-tukar rupa bentuk just like transformers. We don't full our car tank with petro.nas, so i've to pesan it from my friend. Everytime he watch the ads on the tv he'll ask me whether i've told my friend to do the favor or not, . Letih mak nak menjawab ok. The robot only will be sold this coming 24th onwards. Hope we'll manage to collect all 4 ;)

Revenge of the fallen

The movie tickets can't be booked online. Haiyo! Harap-haraplah dapat tiket nanti ;)

notes: nawfal says "thanx a lot auntie! muah!". hehehe bodek tuh beb, bodek... hahaha :P


Ziana said...

adik into what??
adik copycat mama!!
foods lover!!

jom tgk transformer!!

nURmALa mAZLan said...

masa tgk movie last saturday diorg dah bg notice dah leh buat early bird utk movie nih..

Mrs Zamzuri said...

hoi support brgan buatan malaysia boley tak?