Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sibuk, menyibuk dan penyibuk

Rasa macam cepat je masa berlalu dah 2 hari kat opis. Bila takde keje menganga bosan. Bila keje dah datang, haaa hamik ko! :P

I'll be leaving for KK again this Sunday til the next Tuesday. Not holidaying lah, working! And the best part is, en hubby pun kena outstation jugak, to Jakarta. He'll be leaving tentatively tomorrow this Thursday. Yes, tomorrow this Thursday. For two weeks pulak tuh. Ermm... We had never left the children secara jemaah. I mean kalau saya away, en hubby will be around for the kids and vice versa. So this gonna be our first time leaving them alone with atuk and nenek. Risau tahap gaban dah nih. But when it comes to work, we spare no other choice, don't we?

A little note to my beloved son and daughter, please make yourself clear ya. We are not leaving you for fun, we are working. For our brighter future. InsyaAllah. Please behave while we are away okay. Take care of each other tau. Mama and papa loves you both so very much! Alahai, dah start rasa rindu dah kat my babies. Mama memang over, as usual ;)


yatie said...

it's normal.. dulu kalau outstation everynite mesti mengalir airmata ingat kat anak

Mrs Zamzuri said...

apsal ko tak ikut je laki ko ke jakarta? hahahahha...