Friday, January 15, 2010

Ear infection

"Ear infections are very common in children, especially those younger that two years of age, and are common reason for visits to Pediatrician.

There are two main types of ear infections in children, outer ear infections and middle ear infections. Risk factors for getting a lot of middle ear infections include being exposed to a lot of other children (like in large day care), having a parent or other family member that smokes, having another family member that had a lot of ear infections and laying down while drinking a bottle. Ear infections are less common in children that breastfeed." - from here.

Well, this is his first ear infection ever. He was active as usual when I reached home from work yesterday. And suddenly after done playing he was crying out loud holding his right ear. Sakit! Sakit! Ah, sudah! Dah la mak tengah syok layan balqis. Ah, kacau! Saya just saspek dia terlanggar something and just urut gitu-gitu aje bagi dia diam. He kept on crying. Mula lah saya interview dia macam-macam. Kot-kot ada terkena apa-apa dekat skool ke. Ada cucuk dalam telinga ke. No was the answer to those questions. I carried him to the toilet, mandikan semua then rushed to Ong. Ceh, terlepas balqis! :P

Haa bila doc check, kompem lah ear infection. Siap bagi saya tengok dalam telinga dia, ermm the ear drum is reddish, but no fever. As expected. Saya memang macam dah tau what caused it because I've read before somewhere about kids ear infections. The doc first question was "is he sent to the nursery?". The answer definitely la Yes. Then his second question was "he usually drink milk when sleeping at night is he?". Haa yang nih memang kompem lah Yes, I hate to say it. From there I knew it's mainly because of that. Yang saya bold kan kat atas tadi tuh lah causes nya.

Nawfal will always ask for milk whenever dia tersedar at night. I dislike it. He's 3y.o 6months already. He's not supposed to have a lot of milk at night. Macam baby pulak. Mengalahkan adik. Saya dah explain kat dia kenapa telinga dia boleh sakit. Dok angguk-angguk, faham lah konon. Harapnya gitu lah. Jangan malam nanti jadi lain pulak. I suggested him to have his milk on drinking cup. Then he looked at me asking "kenapa pulak abang kena minum dalam cup mama? abang kan still small?". Oh, hello boy. You're not a small baby anymore lah. You'll be four this July and for your information, now you're called toddler. Since awak kecik lagi mama dah treat awak like an adult. That's why you're matured than your actual age. You speak fluently and you think in advance, physically and mentally. So, you better understand what mama is trying to say. From now on you should be able to take care of yourself. Jaga kesihatan, jaga makan minum, jaga adik, jaga mama and papa. Be strong and please don't get sick easily. Behave and be good, boy. I'm expecting more from you. You should know. ILU.

Oh btw, he's now on 5 days antibiotic. He looks fine this morning, but still on observation. Habis antibiotic, kena pergi jumpa dr ong lagi next week.

Eh, balqis pe cer semalam? ;)

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misz Lina said...

doc x bagi ear drop ke eza?

hurmmmm.... adam pon still bangun kol 4am..mth susu....

bile eh diorg nih akan tdo dgn lena?