Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Handle with care

Indeed, by jodi picoult. She exaggerated it well. Rasa macam dalam drama. A very page turning book. I love it more than my sister's keeper (I think I've to watch the movie kot baru feel).

Tapi satu je lah, dah baca 2 buku si jodi nih. Yang hampa sekali bila masa ending mesti main character dia mati. Do they have to??? Yes, yes I'm being a lil' bit exaggerate too here. C'mon jodi, bagi lah satu happy ending (clice? yeah, i know) ;) I love her writings, definitely will buy another book by her :)

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mazzuana said...

you give me idea on what book shall i buy eza..aritu dok pegang letak pegang letak kat borders...