Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bamboo charcoal powder

Ramai jugak yang interested dengan roti legam tu eh? I did google about it and I found a few interesting facts. It's the Japanese - from the raw bamboo plant to charcoal to an ultra-fine powder. Watch this short video to have better understanding on how they do it. They really think that it's a healthy diet. How? Well, I found this from wiki. Happy reading ;)

picture: googled

p/s: tapi kalau ikut logik, sebut je buluh sure macam terfikir,nak mati apa makan buluh? ;)


Ziana said...

mama kata nih rti diet..

@tune® said...

mak aih....
power x lepas mkn?

yurn said...

waa memang arang betul??