Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I love cakes!

And I love to try it all. But unfortunately today I made a bad choice. Well, I should always remember this quote - never judge the cake from the deco ;P

I think it's now a norm lah for me and hubby, to have two cute cakes for birthday ;) Today we decided to try on the beautiful chocolate strawberry and the not-so-handsome elderberry yogurt cake.

isn't she beautiful?

but not on the inside. sponge kek bodoh je kat dalam + strawberry cream in the middle. cehhh! :P

tapi yang ni sodap! i like it very much! elderberry = mix of all berries yogurt ;)

p/s: i just can't wait to taste the cakes from here esp the rainbow cake! who's the next lucky birthday boy/girl eh? ;)


Ziana said...

nmpk lawo x semesti nye sedap ek?
ermmm lama x beli whole cake..

HazlisaNoor said...

i love cake too!!

rizza said...