Saturday, June 12, 2010

Early bird show - Karate Kid

Kalau dulu karate kid belajar kung fu dari lap tingkap. 2010 karate kid guna jaket. Kalau aku kena dera camtuh pun mau meroyan :P Tapi itu lah, bukan senang nak dapat 'ilmu'.

Just a short summary; He's (jaden smith - dre) fighting to earn respect from the bullies while the kung fu master (jacky chan - mr han) also learnt that in perseverance, one must leave the past behind in order to move on in live. Fight with honour and maturity and to stay calm in whatever we're facing ;)

kalau movie yang ada jacky chan, sure ada action and humour and lesson
double J; jaden & jacky... entertaining ;)

Credit to en hubby for making our morning such a good one! ;) Lepas ni belanja tengok Toy Story 3 pulak eh?! ;)


Mulan said...

teringhat the old Karate Kid , Ralph Machio rocks !

Ms Lola said...

cant wait for TS3!

knv said...

nice. okeh nak pi donlod kat internet.