Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Peaceful lunch with yummy food

Bosan tahap gaban dah kat ofis. So I decided to have lunch at whisk. All by myself ;) Why certain people fikir kalau nampak orang makan sengsorang tu dia claim orang tuh such an apathetic eh? Once in a while, you should try having your meal alone. Aman damai I tell you ;) Tapi bak kata pepatah Enggerish... the more the merrier, aye? :)

I ordered 10pc of macaroons, chicken mushroom baked pasta and a slice of carrot cake *red velvet cake ada tadi. tapi harini ternafsu pulak nak try carrot cake*. Oh, don't worry. I didn't finish all of them at once. But only the macaroons is tapau-ed lah. The rest, selamat masuk perut! ;P

the carrot cake is so yummy-licious! i like! :)
the purple macaroons is a blackberry flavor. nak? ;P

p/s: can't wait for tomorrow to come! oooh la la ;)

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Ziana said...

ok ok nxtweek skali lg ek..?