Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Her mobile phone rang a few times when she went to the ladies. She made a call soon after she discovered the missed calls. Suddenly she burst into tears, soon very loud crying heard. From there i knew something is not right. Must be bad news. Indeed it is. She cries out loud and hug me tightly, weakly she said that her father had passed away in the road accident just right now... :'(

She's now on her way back to KT to pay her last respect to her father. Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat allahyarham dan kuatkan semangat mereka yang ditinggalkan.

I couldn't imagine having that kind of calls; a call that tells you your beloved family or friends had just passed away... It might be happening to me anytime, anywhere. How do i react? Will i be strong and ready enough? Are you?


notes: she's not really a met staff. she's from the vendor company attach to met. but still... sedihnye... :'(


max said...

al-fatihah... semoga rohnya di tempatkan di kalangan orang-orang yang beriman..

Mr.Kimia said...
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@xiM said...

betul tuh..

it could happen to anyone..

hmmmmm dunno how to react kalau mender tu jadi to me..

hargailah orang keliling kan sebelum mereka 'pergi'..


Ziana said...


yaAllah eza..
kalau aku??
xtaw laaa camne riaksi aku time tuh.. knwing me.. im toooo cengeng

HazlisaNoor said...

bapak saper ni eza?

Ms Lola said...

I will pengsan!