Friday, July 24, 2009

PD: The Birthday (lagi)

The initial plan to PD was to celebrate the boys' 3rd birthday (amirul: 10 june, adam: 14 june, nawfal: 9 july). Unfortunately amirul couldn't make it. So it was just adam & nawfal plus nadhirah je yang ada. Belasah je lah! ;)

We thankful mama amirul for sponsoring the nice cream cheese cupcakes. Nadhirah enjoyed it very much! ;) The boys? They didn't even bother about the taste, all they were excited about was the Ben 1o sugar paste drawing on top of the cupcakes. Ceh! :P The best part was when suddenly we realised that adam was chewing the no 3 candle. Hehehe Kek takmo makan, lilin jugak yang awak nak eh? Alahai nak oiiiii!

the busy trio plus the cupcakes ;)

the excited bday boys
kemain ganas lagi bukak hadiah... tq mama adam! ;)

anak daraku paling best!
no matter what, food comes first! ;)

I think this should be our annual event la babes. 'Mommies/ladies with kids gathering'? ;) It is a fun activity, ain't it? Hope next year we can have cukop korum for the next gathering ;)

Later continue story kat taman lak eh ;)


Ziana said...

salute nadhirah!!
mkn tetap mkn ok..

this gath will be our annual event!!

~tinie~ said...

and hopefuly kitaorg leh g ..;p

nURmALa mAZLan said...

x mo makan lilin adam

miszrLina said...

best! best!

nadhirah mmg syok... makan sambil zie snapping picas...hehe

sgt lucu!

setuju!!! annual gath!

err.. adam over ok, mkn lilin.. hehe