Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Food poisoning?

I called my mom just now to check on Nadhirah. She still refuses to eat and drink, not even her milk. And a few times complaining of sakit perut. Hati dah tak keruan. So i decided to see the trainer personally and ask his permission to let me go off early. Permission granted and he convinced me that I can still have the training cert. Alhamdulillah.

Now I am waiting for en hubby to fetch me. Luckily his working at Putrajaya today. Hope she will be fine after seeing the doctor.

p/s: korang, please be careful when buying at param ok? (even i still don't have the answer yet for her stomachache, hati saya kuat mengatakan it is something related to the food that i bought at param yesterday)

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gadiselatan said...

mmg kene berhati2 mase bali, ann 1st day beli karipap, awak tau isi karipap tuh rentung..nak gigit pon tak boleh..truk kan org nk untung,smpi tak fikirkn kualiti..sian kt org yg berpuasa dn teringin nk mkn...huhu..
hope nadhirah shat la yer...