Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Excited (updated)

My brother just rushed my SIL to the hospital.
She's ready to deliver their 3rd child.
I am all over excited and nervous.
(dah macam aku lak yang nak beranak :P)
Hope everything goes well.


updated: 14/10/2009 @ 8.22am

My SIL safely delivered a baby boy @ 11.30pm last night.
Alhamdulillah. Both ibu & anak are well ;)

p/s: saya sedang berkira² untuk 'pengeluaran produk' yang ke-3. but not so soon. somewhere in mid 2010 perhaps ;) i'm getting older, so the project must be on by next year, by hook or by crook. hehehe :)


gadiselatan said...

tahniah, dpt anak sedara lg...wah, dasat azam tahun dpn...good luck eh..

~tinie~ said...

congrat's .....SIL 3rd ...ko lak biler 3rd .... ;p

eZa said...

ann: dasat dasat! hehehe ;)

tinie: 10.10.10 ;P

miszrLina said...

next year eh eza?



*aku tgh pk bg pihak aku nih...