Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wean off - I think I did it!

Not me lah weaning off from the bottle. It's my anak bujang. He's 4 and will start schooling next year. I kept on thinking to stop his bottle feeding since a year ago. When he was 3, I thought it was still too early to stop it. But last Sunday something had made me do it for real. Haa, who told you to naik my darah. Now you rasa lah! ;P

I hate to watch him bottle feeding sebab nampak macam dia dah besar sangat. Dah tak sesuai berbotol. Suka sangat gigit² puting. Sampai koyak, bocor. And every time that happened I had to buy new puting for him. No choice. I don't know what has come inside me that I suddenly rampas the bottle from his mouth (tengah best gigit² puting) last Sunday and threw it into the dustbin! Banyak kali jugak ugut dia to not biting his puting before this, if not I'll throw away his bottle. Enuff is enuff. I'm tired of threatening him. So i just do it! I did it at last!

Dia terkejut jugak tengok mama dia tiba² naik hantu kan. Don't play² ha! ;P Then I showed him his bottle in the dustbin. I told him that it's now full of germs and if he still want it, he'll be sick sucking the germs. To my surprise, he just smile and said that he's a big boy now. He'll be start schooling and he said that only babies drinking milk with bottle. Hehehe ;)

That afternoon we went to JJ for him to choose his sippy cup. Thought of buying him Ben10 or something. Unfortunately they only have water tumblers. Last² amik anakku punya je. Simple ;) Oh btw, sebenarnya he's already weaned off his bottle kat nursery. Sebab months ago I gave his drinking cup to his teacher. Tak sangka sebenarnya teacher dah start weaned off dia earlier than me. How do I know? Sebab anak bujang kata, "abang minum milk dalam cup je kat skool. No more bottle. Teacher kata abang dah besar". So who's success's actually? Teacher ke mama? Hahaha :P No wonder lah dia sakan asking for milk at home. Lepas gian kat rumah, dapat botol. But not anymore lah. You're now weaned off son! For real! ;)

For now, I make sure that he gets his milk twice a day at home. Morning before off to nursery and at night before he goes to bed. Senyum lebo mama tengok dia milking from his sippy cup. Ye lah, kena lah bagi dia semangat sikit kan. Puji² sikit ;) Si anak dara pun dah start jugak nak minum milk from her sippy cup. Abang kan mentor. Apa abang buat, semua pun dia nak buat ;P Your time will soon come daughter. Mama bagi chance kat awak til end of this year. InsyaAllah ;) But I started training on her too. We'll see how lah. Kalau semua ok, she'll be weaned off earlier. Hooray! No more pening² bawak bakul susu diorang lepas nih. Kalau kat luar I just give them susu kotak dutch lady jek. Sonang! Nanti adik keluar bagi susu cap gantung. Save sikit boot kereta without the basket. Another milestone achieved. Alhamdulillah! ;)

p/s: pic googled.


misz Lina said...

hehe.. betul tu! aku pon dah jenuh tukar puting botol si adam.

alternate tukar je sippy cup! tp kekdg dia mtk gak botol. aku kena follow cara ko kot za.. campak masuk tong sampah. bagi dia geli2 haaa

eZa said...

ina:: lps aku buat tuh i was like "what am i doing nih..? betul ke buat nih?". mcm keras sgt kan. tp bile pk result dia, syukur... no more bottle for him. hepi sesgt ;)