Thursday, January 13, 2011

34 weeks

* I only gained 0.5kg within 2weeks. yippie!
* starting to have braxton hicks
* the baby weighing approx 2.5kg
* baby dah parking baik punye, tinggal tunggu time jek nak get through
* the best part is, I'm craving for coffee EVERYday. pfffttt!
* doc remind me that this time (most probably) I will have early contraction & delivery. so dah kena jaga² dari awal Feb. Ohmy!
* hoping & praying that I'll have smooth labor... InsyaAllah :)


gadiselatan said...

insyaallah, semuanya akn slamat....

Aida said...

moga selamat hendaknya .. AMIN ..

m-i-o said...

wishing you all the best in the labour room.

may it be the shortest process. may it be as smooth as possible. it won't be painless of course, but i pray that you'll have the strength throughout the journey.

amin :)

Cinta Misteri said...