Sunday, January 2, 2011

Not really a good start for a new year

Hi friends. How's your new year celebration? It's never too late for me to wish all of you HAPPY NEW YEAR 2011, aye? Nothing beats than be with the loved ones in any occasions kan? Well it's all written. My mak was warded last Thursday to Hospital Ampang due to her asthmatic illness. Had a few infection spot on her lungs. Just a minor one. Nothing too worry about. And alhamdulillah, the antibiotic is treating her well. She's better now. Hope she's discharge earlier than we expected. Have a speedy recovery mak. And please, don't be too stress out. Please be cool & calm as you're getting older, mak. Please...

Me? Rasa macam nak terberanak dah ni. The lower part... Sakit! It's expending, I know. But this time it's difference. It feels that I'm gonna give birth anytime dah. Macam rasa dah dilated. Oh, you know what? I'm gonna have a February baby, not a Mac baby! Aiyoo! There are still a lot to be done before the arrival. Ohmy, I really hope that everything is settled before the baby is born. Nervous nih as my instinct says that there'll be no overdue this time. It's whether earlier than expected or right on the EDD itself. But baby, please... Keluar lah masa due date awak k. Bagi chance mama settle semua dulu k. Baju awak semua belum sorting & wash ;P

On the other note, Nawfal will be going to the kindie tomorrow. Hope he'll doing fine. I know he can, sebab mamat tuh kan peramah. Campak la kat mana, insyaAllah he'll survive. Yang saya risau pasal Nadhirah. She'll be staying at the taska alone from tomorrow onwards. Harap2 takde drama la esok ;P

Ok lah. I'll better get going. Nak sesiap visit mak at the hospital. May we have a good year ahead. InsyaAllah ;)

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