Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What you give, you get back

Semua saya dah buat, dah bagi. Apa lagi yang diorang nak lagi pun saya tak tahu. Mama itu, mama ini, nak mama, nak mama, merengek, menangis, whining here & there! In the morning they woke up crying "mama, mama, mama..!". Siap bergaduh, berebut² nak mama. And they know that I'm just outside the room. Arghhh! Rimas! Sometimes jeles dengan en hubby. Anak² tak nak pulak merengek² nak itu, ini dengan dia. Semua MAMA. Saya jugak lah yang marah diorang, babab diorang, jerit diorang tapi tetaaaap jugak nak mama.

This morning saya mengadu dengan en hubby. Saya rasa letih nak melayan kerenah anak² yang saya tak paham, dah tak tahu nak buat macam mana lagi dah. Saya rasa down sangat². Tapi jawapan dia betul² buat saya terkesima & tersedar... Just assume ni part of their development, proses membesar. They miss you, they want your attention. Esok² diorang dah makin besar, kita pulak diorang tinggalkan. Time tu pulak kita rasa miss diorang, nak diorang ada je dengan kita...

Haa! Kena tepat dekat muka. Esok dah tua nak suruh anak² buat itu ini, dia bagi jawapan alaa, letih lah. No time! Apa lagi nak kata? Rasa lah macam mana diorang rasa sekarang. Heh! Karma!

Somehow I came across this article by Zaid Mohamad. I like it and I personally agree with him.

All We Need Is A Little Break

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, it is so easy to be sidetracked by the day-to-day stuff till we forgot what it is all about.

At work, the pressure, customer demands, bosses' expectations and career aspirations all have a mysterious ways to mess up our otherwise happy-go-lucky self. Little things add up and before we know it, we are ready to explode.

If you think things will get better at home, think again. Messy house, untidy rooms, unwashed utensils and unfolded clothes do not help to provide the much-needed serenity. If you have a maid, these may not be a problem, but what about the screaming kids? The incomplete homework? The poor exam results?

But fret not. All these are signals that all you need is a little break. When the going gets tough, the tough takes a break to get going again.

Ask your spouse to give you a good massage or pick up your favourite comedy movie ("Kung Fu Hustle" may just do the trick) to watch one more time. Do not hold back the laughs and smile as wide as you can.

In no time, you will be ready to face the world and do it all over again...!

So anak², let's take a break. Let's have Iron Man 2 tonight! ;)


Aida said...

hmmm .. betul tu .. kadang kita lemas sbb kita sendiri tak rehat .. tp tetap kita jugak yg di sendengkan .. nama pun anak .. come on eza .. u can do it .. anak tetap anak .. ;)

paNavia said...

same thing here..
kdg2 rasa nak mengamuk gak..

bila mengadu dgn hubby,

"hari tu ada dgr ceramah ust. kazim, dia cakap kalau dapat anak2 yang nakal, banyak buat perangai tu.. itu kira ujian drpd Allah.. satu cara utk menghapuskan dosa kita.. so redha je, dan bersyukur sebab kita dapat satu cara utk menghapuskan dosa kita.. kena byk bersabar.. ada orang tak dapat peluang pun nak jadi parents.."